Currently these policies are subject to change as a result of government advice for COVID-19. Updates due soon

Children first arrive to free play. They self-register using a photo then begin to play. Soon there is a register time when we may also sing songs or number rhymes, and share news. Children are taken to the toilet when needed throughout the session. The Key Person will change any nappies as necessary.

Free play - with a selection of craft, painting, construction, computer, play dough, jigsaws, book corner, small world and role play. Children may also play outdoors where a variety of resources will be available, including climbing frame, bikes and cars, balancing equipment, role play, mark making etc etc. During the week each Key Person has a small group time with their group.

During the session we sit down together to share Break Time at the tables. Children have milk or water (drunk from a cup) and a healthy snack (cheese and crackers, bread, fruit, toast). We encourage children to try different fruits and vegetables at snack time. The menu is displayed in the Parent's area.

Group time is a more structured fun learning time covering a variety of topics that also teaches children to listen to instructions and be attentive. After further free play the session ends with a story and then the children are collected by their parent or carer. They bring home pictures or models which are dry (others are stored safely for next time).

Waiting to be picked up can be an anxious time for children, particularly when they start at Preschool. Please ensure you are prompt.

Elements of a usual session

Make sure Preschool knows any change to the adult picking up your child, (have you completed an orange form?) and say good bye, (best not to suggest you are on the other side of the door throughout the session). If someone different is picking up, are they on your "permission to collect" form? Make sure they know the password.

At the Door

Please bring a bag containing spare clothes and, if needed pull-ups, nappy bag, wipes etc. Mark your child's name clearly on the bag. This bag can be placed beneath the peg which carries your child's name. Please help your child to learn the skill of hanging their coat on the peg.