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Children aged 8 to 11 like to have fun! They like to be with their friends and are growing increasingly independent.

The Sunday Groups (TSGs)

Most still like the opportunity to play games and to be creative, but they will shy away from anything that feels too babyish. Their capacity to learn is enormous and most can read quite well. Feed their imaginations with Xstream and allow them space to ask the questions about the things that younger children take for granted. Xstream encourages 8 to 11s to live their daily lives for God.

Children aged 5 and under are bubbling with life; everything is new, exciting and just waiting to be discovered.

They are in the busiest time of their lives when they will learn more than at any other time and, crucially, when their brains establish learning pathways. They are receptive to God, to hearing him in ways that many of us have lost as we have grown up, and to having the sort of faith that Jesus wants us all to have.Type your paragraph here.

They have a great capacity for friendship and empathy for anyone in trouble. They can have a depth of spirituality which can be both matter of fact and breathtaking. Splash! will help you encourage your 5 to 8s in their daily lives with God.

​​​​Welcome to the TSG’s part of Moreton Baptist Church (also known as ‘The Sunday Groups’) 

The Sunday Groups are for the children in our church and take place every Sunday morning during the second part of the service, while the grown-ups are having their talk.  We have a great time singing some worships songs that we love & a short time of prayer and then we break into age/ability appropriate groups where we have heaps of fun exploring the Bible & learning about Jesus in an interactive way, playing games, acting out Bible stories, colouring, making crafts & learning Bible verses.  We are currently using the Scripture Union’s Light resource & have 3 groups:

Bubbles - 2½ to 5
Splash – 5 to 8

XStream – 8 to 11

Once the children starts secondary school they move on to our Bible Class group 

Children aged 5 to 8 love to play together, be creative, use their energy, explore new ideas and enjoy old favourites.