One of the main purposes of PrimeTime is to build bridges into the community. The local doctor’s surgery has approached our church to provide a Carol Service for their older patients and we have already had a very friendly meeting with their team and are planning this to coincide with our PrimeTime Party Day, on Friday December 21st .

Normally our PrimeTime party concludes with Carols but this year we are planning to start with this as a joint service with the visitors. We are offering up to 20 places at our party to our visitors, as we are aware that there are many older people in the area who may have no other “big event” to go to this Christmas. We hold our meeting on the second Tuesday of each month and everyone over 55 is welcome (Birth Certificates are not checked!)

We feel that - “Together – The Impossible is Possible”

Just some of the items we collected for sailors visitng Liverpool in December

Prime Time

For anyone aged 55+

Some of the subjects we have looked at are “Loneliness”, “Ants”, and “Seedtime and Harvest” While looking at the antics of the ants, we decided that the motto for the month should be “Together – The Impossible is Possible.” Although we are the older generation we have a very positive outlook about the future.

We already have about 50 people regularly attending although the nature of our age group means that we are never all present every month because of “Grandchildren duties”, hospital appointments etc, but we usually have between 30 – 40 each month.

We have noticed that a number of new people of this age group have started attending the church and some have already started attending PrimeTime.

Why not try us out!

We have just celebrated our 4th Anniversary of PrimeTime. It seems impossible, but we have now had 48 monthly meetings, and our programme is continuing to evolve. Most months we now concentrate on a relevant theme and the quiz or game or video clips will all focus on that theme which culminates in the epilogue and thought for the month which is displayed on the motto cards in our homes for the month.