The reason I mention that is because when it comes to evangelism, when it comes to telling others about Jesus, the reaction can be somewhat similar; all the things that I might have wanted or planned to say suddenly either disappear from my memory or I have second, third and maybe even fourth thoughts as to whether I would be wise to say them.

There is, though, at least one big difference between those examples. Mr Heston really didn’t need to hear my question. My failure to communicate it to him didn’t hamper him greatly in his career, but people do need to hear about Jesus and all of us who know him are also called to share about him with others.

It’s why as a church we’re looking to be involved in a mission that is taking place later on this year when Franklin Graham of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association will be coming to various venues around the country to share a gospel message.

Yet it’s not those big events in the impressive stadiums which is the main focus of the mission. Even more important than these is the training that is being provided to help people become more confident in sharing their faith.

There are two such training events in the Wirral during February, on the 15th at Gateway Church in Birkenhead and on the 29th at Jubilee Church in Wallasey.

I really hope that as many of us as possible will try to make it to one of these sessions as it provides assistance and encouragement that we can use not only when major nationwide events are taking place but also for things that happen in day to day life.

So put the dates in your diary, if you need a lift let us know and begin to pray for those who you can share the good news of Jesus with.

Andy + Hannah

I once met Charlton Heston and I’m sure that he often spoke about it afterwards! (For those of you below a certain age he was an actor in many Hollywood films –and yes, before you ask, most of them were in colour –I’m not quite that old).

What I remember about that meeting was that I had a question prepared (it was about the play he was appearing in –A Man for All Seasons) but when I got to speak to him, suddenly the mind went blank and I got tongue tied. In the end I just handed him my theatre programme to be signed and sort of shuffled away. ​

 Message from the Minister

(with the odd word from Hannah)