In Deuteronomy chapter 4 the people of Israel are given instructions, instructions to listen and obey the laws and decrees that God is going to give them and instruction that they are to pass them on to their children. The responsibility lies particularly on the generation initially receiving this instruction because they have an advantage.

 They have the advantage of having witnessed, having experienced the actions of God in providing for his people. They are the ones who are there when God brought judgement on those who abandoned him to worship idols at a place called Baal Peor and also rescued those who were faithful. Having been present, having been directly involved, they would have all the more reason to have confidence in what God would continue to do, they would have all the more certainty that living God’s way was the way to life. They were in the best place to help ensure that God’s people continued to be the people they were called to be, they were best placed to be a blessing to those who would follow them.

It’s no accident that a number of times in scripture those who witnessed the action of God were commanded to pass it on in no uncertain terms to future generations. They were told to take specific steps to make sure that those who had not seen were left in no doubt as to what had happened and the significance of what had taken place. This was to be a priority for them because those who had not directly experienced what God had done would be more inclined to forget and in doing so would be more likely to make decisions that would bring hurt and harm to themselves and others.

This month we will be holding an All Involved service on the 12th May. It is a time when along with having the opportunity to learn using slightly different means, visual and creative as well as verbal, we will also mix more with those from different age groups. As we do this we have the opportunity to build relationships that will build others up in their faith and to share the actions of God that we have witnessed.

Just as importantly, in the conversations that we have with others who we may not have spoken to that often, we can find out and be encouraged by what God is doing in their lives.  In this way we all play our part in being a blessing to the people of God as we both learn and pass on. We continue in the tradition that God sets out for his people. So take the time to share what God has done in ways that build others up,



 Message from the Minister

(with the odd word from Hannah)