Dirty Glory - Go Where your Best Prayers Take You 
A Glory Story…“And so I am here now pulling up a chair, grinning like a maniac, saying, ‘You’ll never believe what's been happening’… and I’m planning to keep right on yarning at you, telling you tales, throwing you thoughts until eventually you beg me to stop, until you throw up your hands and cry out ok I get the point, I hear you, quit talking about it and lets start doing it.

   Let’s pray!!”  These are just a few words from Pete Grieg’s inspirational book ‘Dirty Glory’, which I have recently read.  It captivated my heart so much I just need to share a glimpse of it with you.  Pete Grieg is the instigator of the 24/7 Prayer Movement and his book is full of fascinating personal stories from across the world and extraordinary answers to prayer, including tales from the amazing Hebridean revival that started through just a few people gathering together to pray.

These are stories of people who sought the presence of God and said yes to the Holy Spirit.  Dirty Glory really challenged me to think about what Jesus calls us to do – to pray with a childlike faith and a passion, and what can happen when we do that.  It dared me to ask the question, is prayer central to everything we do – is it the very heartbeat of our church community? In Matthew 21:7 Jesus said ‘My house will be a place of prayer for all nations’. In fact, the bible teaches that prayer is the most powerful transformational force in the lives of individuals, churches and nations. 

Through prayer we can rediscover our purpose and the power we have in Jesus, then we get a renewing of the spirit and the church is revived.  When we pray, we are invited into the very presence of God, yes… we’re in God’s presence… what a privilege! Dirty Glory is a book full of stories of what happens when people find themselves in the presence of God – the miracles that take place, the things that God says, the encounters that take place, the way lives are changed, all because people step into the presence of God in prayer.

The stories in this book will remind you that prayer works!  Some of them even made me shake my head in wonder at the miraculous ways that God answers prayer. If you read this book, it will awaken your heart to God’s love, it will make you want to join Jesus in His prayer and follow the Spirit wherever He leads.  It will encourage you to explore, experiment, and expand your own prayers and give you a desire to search for what Jesus is doing and how you can be part of it!  Be prepared to be drawn closer to Jesus!! Rachel  WARNING:   Do not read this book if you don’t want to be challenged & inspired to pray!!

March Message  

from our youth worker