Robots are here to stay!

With the return of K9, the launch of the BBC's interactive Little Robots, films such as Wall.e, about the little robot who cleans up planet earth, robot kits and Robots the DVD there is no doubt that robots are very popular. Robots arc carefully designed—every little detail plays its part —but, however clever and amazing robots arc, they will never be alive in the way we are.

When God created human beings he made us in his image. He gave us the ability to work things out and be creative, to communicate and make choices. Robots may have adventures in the world of film and television, they may fight wars on the silver screen and delight small children with their quirky 'characters', but they are controlled and limited in what they can do and they will never be human.

Before long people were living in every corner of the earth, but things went from bad to worse. Everything they thought and planned was evil. God was very very sad His beautiful creation was being spoilt by the selfishness and greed of the very people who were meant to look after it.

Finally, God made human beings—the crown of his creation. He did not create us to roll off a robotic production line; he created us to be tike him—able to think and feel, to be creative and to make choices. He made each one of us in his own image, but each one of us is special and unique: he created us with diversity within unity. He created our bodies with intricate detail, each part having its own special role to play. He made our minds to think creatively and our spirits to walk with him.

 Holiday Bible Club

The story of creation in Genesis

shows us just how wonderfully designed and beautiful our world is.

The story of creation is a pastiche of colour, taste and smell, tactile and full of sound—a tapestry of unity within diversity. God looked at what he had done, and it was good.

Our Holiday Bible Club is fun, high energy week of games, crafts, singing, learning and sharing for primary age children, during the summer holiday.

The Razztimatazz Robots Holiday Club

is a fun-filled adventure, designed to help children understand the important truth of God's plan for each one of us.

With plenty of opportunities for recreation along the way, the five sessions unpack the plan of the Master Designer from creation to re-creation as follows:

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This years club was great fun. 
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