Thank you everyone for your continued donations for Charles Thompson, they are very much appreciated.  

Each day between 7 and 9am, about 20 homeless people are served with breakfast. After that, between 9am and 1pm, 80-90 people are served with a hot meal. These are not all homeless people but they are experiencing difficulties for many reasons.

In addition to food clothing, toiletries and food parcels are given out. There are facilities to have a shower or use the telephone, and advice and support is available. There are also visits from a nurse, a mental health nurse, an optician, a dentist and a hairdresser during the week. 

Current needs
are non perishable food items, cleaning materials, strong large bin liners and men’s toiletries. If you having a clear out and discarding towels, bedding or other household items they can be used too. Also, if you have any unwanted drinking mugs they would be welcome as the mug supply is constantly diminishing. Please continue to pray for Bernie Frost and his team as they continue to do this vital work all the way through the summer. 

Charles Thompson Mission